Ethical themes

Source: Dawn

OVER the centuries, Quranic concepts of an egalitarian human society have either been forgotten, or diluted through simple-mindedness, narrowness of thought and need for political mileage. Scholarship and discourse have centred on rituals and questionable ahadith. Culture and traditions have replaced religion. Today, much of what is practised in the Muslim world bears little resemblance to real Islam. It is time for Muslims to revert to the Quran with the aim to understand it more comprehensively.

According to Dr Fazlur Rahman, the most significant ethical themes in the Quran are iman, Islam and taqwa, all of which are closely linked. ‘Iman’ primarily means to be safe, derived from ‘to be at peace’ and is used in the meaning of having faith in God and His message. Iman is an ‘act of the heart’, a decision to accept God totally and be at peace. This faith is not without knowledge, nor is it dependent upon it. It bonds the mind and knowledge. According to the Quran, intellectual knowledge is not sufficient for faith, but equally, a human being cannot be guided without knowledge. Also, faith that does not result in actions is completely useless. To have faith with rationality, to constantly develop one’s knowledge and strengthen faith and to act out the faith reinforces one’s iman during life.





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  1. A Muslim society would be pluralistic, open to criticism, accountable to its people and welcoming to people of other beliefs. The Islamic social order, defined by iman, Islam and taqwa is essential before Muslims think of ruling the world again or even of creating an Islamic state within a country.
    You highlighted the need of Islamic social order and defined it correctly . But who can ensure and get it implemented? It will be good to explain it also in the light of Quranic and Hadith teachings.

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