JI chief warns Pakistan govt officials against ‘free dealings’ with Ahmadis

Source: The Nation

Jamaat-i-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said the constitution clearly defines the rights of minorities and the status of Ahmadis. Addressing a Khatamul Anbya Conference at Aiwan e Iqbal, he made it clear that betrayal of the constitution would not be tolerated in any case. He urged ministers and advisers to the government to “stop patronage of Qadiyanis in compliance with the oath of their office”. He said that Ahmadis were rebelling against the constitution and they wanted abolition of Islamic provisions in the constitution. He said the nation would not tolerate their conspiracies and would protect the constitution at every cost. He said that the constitution was the sign of national unity. He urged the rulers to correct their direction and fulfill their constitutional obligations. The JI chief said the masses could overlook every lapse of the government but they could not tolerate the government officials’ free dealings with the Ahmadis. Commenting on the government’s performance, the JI chief said that 100 days of the PTI government were almost over but the government had not been able to fulfill any of its promises. He said that instead of taking U-turns and justifying its U-turns, the government should take the right turn and try to fulfill its election promises. He said the masses wanted relief and end of poverty, hunger and unemployment and they could not be satisfied merely by hollow slogans.

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2 replies

  1. Ha ha ha. Jamat Islami, who was against the creation of Pakistan, is now speaking of protecting the Constitution…

  2. The above video of Craig Consindine talks about building pluralism whereas these short sighted Mullahs want to divide and divide the Muslim Ummah to destruction.

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