Macron to review report calling for reform of Islam in France


French President Emmanuel Macron (C-R) speaks with a Muslim cleric as he visits the Zitouna mosque in the Medina (old town) of the Tunisian capital Tunis on February 1, 2018, during his first state visit to the North African country. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Eric FEFERBERG (Photo credit should read ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

Source: Politico

PARIS — Islamists have an “intellectual monopoly” over public debate among Muslims in France and the state must intervene to limit foreign influence over worshippers, according to a new report submitted to President Emmanuel Macron.

The 617-page report, “The Fabric of Islam,” presents a comprehensive plan for reform of Islamic institutions in France following a call from Macron to bring them under the aegis of the state. During a July address to lawmakers at the Palace of Versailles, Macron committed to giving Islam “a framework and rules” by the fall. His goals: discouraging insular Muslim communities and combating extremist strands of the religion.

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