75% Reject Islamophobia in Australia

Multicultural Australia rejects “Muslim ban”

Source: The Australian Muslim Times

By Zia Ahmad, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST and is based in Sydney.

Senator Fraser Anning’s remarks, during his maiden speech in the Australian Parliament on Tuesday 14 August 2018, in which he called for the restoration of “White Australia policy” and “Muslim ban” on immigration has been overwhelmingly rejected by Australians including politicians of all major political parties and various sections of the civil society.

His use of the word “final solution” against Muslims, used by Nazis calling for the genocide of Jews in Europe, has shocked people and has attracted worldwide condemnation.

Senator Anning’s claim that the “vast majority” of Australians want Muslim immigration cut is factually incorrect.

According to a regular, large-scale survey of attitudes to migration run by Monash University, about 80% of Australians support a non-discriminatory immigration program.

In 2017, just 15.8%of respondents said it should be possible to reject migrants based on their race or ethnicity. Although the survey found negative sentiment toward Muslims was “relatively high”, the figure did not exceed 25%.

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