Mike Pence’s problem with science

180628220728-pba-pence-exlarge-169Source: CNN

By Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner

(CNN)This is the third in a series of three op-eds tracing the long path of Vice President Mike Pence’s ambition, from college, where he found a form of evangelicalism that weds theology to Republican politics, to the national stage — and a job that puts him a short step away from the presidency. Part one: Mike Pence’s plan to outlast Trump Part two: Mike Pence went to college and found God


Mike Pence won his first political campaign in 2000 using what became his basic strategy of guns, God, and money. He raised lots of cash by appealing to big-time conservative donors — among them, Betsy DeVos, Charles and David Koch, and Erik Prince — with hawkish positions on taxes and regulation. He found his voters at churches and gun clubs. He spiced his recipe with attacks on science that placed him to the right of many of his fellow Republicans.
Like a handful of Republicans, Pence made an issue of the pending agreement to settle government lawsuits against tobacco companies for lying for decades about the dangers of their addictive products. Pence didn’t just oppose the deal. He insisted it was based on a lie and the result of a pernicious government plot.

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