Ahmadiyya Bosnia and Humanity First March Side by Side

By Zubair Khan
Pictures: Dr Iqra Khan

Mr Mufeez-ur-Rehman, President AMJ Bosnia and Mr Zubair explaining the project details to Mr Fuad, the Mayor of City Zenica while Dr Iqra   shoots the scene


On 18 July 2018 several faces were smiling with a sense of some satisfaction. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat,  with the help of Humanity First Germany, had arranged food packets for 200 needy families. Some could come to collect the packets while rest got the share at their door steps. Chairman Humanity First Germany was generous enough to sponsor the project financially.

Mr Fuad, Mayor city Zenica distributing the food packets to needy families.

President AMJ Bosnia and in charge of Humanity First Bosnia Mr Mufeez-ur- Rehman did an excellent job and coordinated the minutest details to make this project a great success. On his request mayor of 4th biggest city of Bosnia Zenica, Mr Fuad Kasumovic was kind and generous enough to be present personally for distribution of food packets to the needy families.  Those who could not make it were delivered the packets at door steps with the kind help of the mayor of the city.

Mayor of the city talking to the needy families about donation of food packets.

Mr Fuad while talking to print and electronic media praised the kind and human act of Humanity First and AMJ and hoped that such noble work by HF and AMJ will continue in future also. Local news papers and team of RTV Zenica was present to record the proceedings of event. In the evening news the event was telecast in primes news by the TV. Many news portals also highlighted the humanitarian act of AMJ and HFD. As usual in Bosnia, some Islamist did not like the idea of AMJ and of HF to serve the humanity so criticized the Mayor of the city and alleged him promoting Ahmadiyya in the city of Zenica.  However such opposition is not new to Ahmadiyya and hopefully with passage of time the majority of Bosnian Muslims will recognize the sincerity and devotion of Ahmadiyya for real teachings of Islam. Inshallah.

Mayor of the city exchanging views with members of needy families.

Volunteers of Humanity First Dr Shujja Khan, Dr Iqra Khan, Mrs Naeema Khan, Mrs Sabina Rehman Mr Nadim Hadjibulic, Ms Anisa and Ms Almina contributed enthusiastically and with complete devotion to make the project a great success. Allah may bless all those who worked for this humanitarian event.
Video of the RTV Zenica can be viewed “HERE”  from start to minute 3. Print Media News about this event at this LINK. 
Print Media LINK 2.

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  1. it was a pleasurable event. However un-necessary criticism by some Islamist created bad taste. Allah may give Hadaya to all. amin

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