Ahmadiyya and Humanity First extend help to Orphan House of Sarajevo-BiH

By Zubair Khan

Pictures: Nadim Hadjibulic

Director of Orphan House explaining details to the President of AMJ and In Charge of HF Bosnia

This time it was it was city Orphan House in Sarajevo-Bosnia. Initially plan was to provide help in food security project. However the new Director of House Ms Belma requested to divert the donated amount for installation of fire alarm system which was pending completion for several months.  Chairman Humanity First Germany and his executive Board was kind and sympathetic enough to accept the request of the Director of the Orphan House. Mr MufeezurRehman, President AMJ and in Charge of HF Bosnia promptly executed the order for the project.

Director of Orphan House with volunteers of Humanity First.

On 19.07.2018 a delegation of HF volunteers under the leadership of President AMJ Bosnia visited the Orphan House in Sarajevo.  The Director was kind and generous enough to welcome the delegation.  She briefed the delegation about numerous details of the House. From the core of her heart she thanked the Humanity First and AMJ Bosnia for this timely and valuable donation.  She wished to continue such cooperation in future also.

Director of Orphan House explaining a point to President AMJ/HF Bosnia

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3 replies

  1. Not surprised to see and hear about the tireless efforts of Ahmadiyya Community and humanity First side by side initiative to make orphan life better to secure a brighter and prosperous safer future.

  2. Wow how amazing! What’s great initiative to take! This is just one of the many initiatives the Ahmadiyya community takes! It’s great to see the people helping to make others lives better!

  3. Amazing! The Ahmadiyya communitiy always takes so much initiative and help everyone look forward to a brighter future! May Allah let this initiative and hardwork continue.. Inshallah!

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