Netanyahu unexpectedly meets with Indonesian Muslim leader

Source: Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) — The leader of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization has held a surprise meeting with Israel’s prime minister.

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Yahya Staquf, secretary general of the 60 million member Nahdlatul Ulama, is visiting Israel at the invitation of the American Jewish Committee, a U.S. advocacy group.

Israel and Indonesia do not have diplomatic relations, and the visit has prompted protests in Indonesia.

Staquf, an advocate of interfaith coexistence, met with several religious leaders this week. However, Thursday’s meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not listed on his schedule.

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3 replies

  1. And watch Mr Yahya Taquf speech in Israel

    Very amazing if people has Rahmah or Love and care each other will be justice for all
    I am so proud with Yahya Staquf who brave to the speech the truth against majority Muslim around the world.

    Where does Ahmadiyyah stand for?

    All love ❤️

  2. Rafiq?! Why did you erase Nersnyahu video? Are you afraid to hear different view? I do Not afraid to seek the truth even talk to enemy. You still has hatred in your heard, before God punish you, you better remove hatred from your heart—- this is best advise to my dear friend. I do not want you to get punishment from Allah.

    Watch Netanyahu speech, you can judge later!

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