The Times’ Islamophobic coverage is shocking but not surprising

Source: CT

The Times may not be the ‘paper of record’ that it undoubtedly was prior to Rupert Murdoch’s takeover in 1981. But it is still widely regarded as the respectable newspaper to take and be seen with by ordinary people outside the beltway of those in the know about the inner workings of Fleet Street. In short, it has cachet. That reputation has taken a knock today with the news that the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) has upheld a complaint from Tower Hamlets council about the accuracy of the paper’s reporting on a foster care case last August. The Times, which today publishes the IPSO ruling on the notorious backwater of page 2, claimed that a ‘white Christian child’ had been placed with a ‘Muslim’ family who did not speak English, that the girl’s necklace with a cross was removed and that she was stopped from eating bacon.


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