Ankara edging back to Washington’s side in Syria,

Source: Asia Times:

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan suggested last weekend that the country’s ongoing operation to cut out a swash of Kurdish-dominated Syrian territory could stop short of the northeast, in contrast to recent proclamations.

Those remarks, along with Ankara’s immediate public support for US-led airstrikes on targets linked to the Russia-backed Bashar al-Assad regime, point to a rapprochement of sorts with Washington, according to Cahit Armagan Dilek, head of the Ankara-based 21 st Century Turkey Institute.

Turkey has already announced “full control” over previously Kurdish-held land in the northwest, and top Turkish officials have been threatening that the campaign would continue into the northeast. That would see Turkish-backed forces confront US military assets that are stationed in support of forces opposed to the al-Assad regime, including the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). But Erdogan’s comments indicate a reversal.

“All signs indicate that Ankara will again pursue policies that are in line with the United States in Syria,” Hasan Koni, a professor of international law at Istanbul Kultur University was paraphrased by Xinhua as saying.


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  1. In effect, the bargain would be to sell out Kurds outside of Syria, in exchange for creating a state-like Kurdish entity in Northeastern Syria.
    “Such moves by the United States would make it easier for the Erdogan administration to accept US plans regarding Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria,”
    Seems logical bargaining point. After all Trump is a good and successful businessman knows well how to win clients. As long Muslim blood flows US has no problem so let it be that way.

    • Unfortunately Trump was not all that good a business man. His tactic of declaring bankruptcy and cheating the tax authorities will not work in politics, I feel.

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