Turkish women sentenced to death in Iraq for IS links

Source: BBC News

An Iraqi court has sentenced at least 15 Turkish women to death by hanging, after they were found guilty of joining the Islamic State group (IS).


Some reports say 16 women were handed the death penalty, while others say one was jailed for life.

The women confessed to marrying IS fighters or providing the group “with logistical aid or helping them carry out terrorist attacks”, the judge said.

Thousands of foreigners have fought and died for IS in Iraq and Syria.

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5 replies

  1. Any body know how many women wear burqa in the world? 1 millions.— 5 millions or more?

    Muslims in Europe
    In 2011, France became the first European country to ban the burqa. At the time of legislation in 2011, there were 4.7m Muslims in France, making up 7.4% of the population. As of July 2016, Muslims now account for 7.2% of the French population. Legislative documents supporting the ban reported that 1,900 Muslim women wore the face covering burqa in the country in 2011. This number represented 0.04% of the French Muslim population, and less than 0.003% of the general population of France.

    Most women wear burqa have the extremist Islamic ideology for sure—- they want to create Islamic state. They reject Secular, they reject Ahmadiyyah, Christian and others.

    The world is not peaceful place yet to live. Still a lot to do!

  2. Well I’m against capital punishment as according to me, death comes from God. But these women were not doing something that was beneficial to humanity or something that was deserving of an award. Their actions were actually directed towards harming others in an indirect manner and that is not acceptable. That in no way is jihad. That in no way is Islamic. That in no way is Godly. That deserves punishment

  3. I understand that what the turkish woman did was very wrong, but even in the worse scenario, I believe that death penalty is not right. Individuals do make mistakes and I believe that jail would be a better alternative. In the end, God is the ultimate judge of everyone.

  4. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Progressive Islam agree with your interpretation of Islam ( Are you ahmadiyyah)—-like you said: , I believe that death penalty is not right. Individuals do make mistakes and I believe that jail would be a better alternative====

    So we do not need follow Islamic punishment such as:

    Those who fight against Allah and His Messenger and run about trying to spread disorder on the earth, their punishment is no other than that they shall be killed, or be crucified, or their hands and legs be cut off from different sides, or they be kept away from the land (they live in) 23 . That is a humiliation for them in this world, and for them there is a great punishment in the Hereafter; Q.5:33.

    Did Prophet command to execute people cruelly?
    I do not think so— What do you think ?

    I still do not know the position of Ahmadiyyah,
    Does Ahmadiyyah agree to change that law from crucified to jail ?
    Can Zia, Rafiq and Riffat answer that?

    Was Salam—With ❤️

    • Somi, punishment is decided by state, and Ahmadiyya is church/mosque. We believe that church(religion) and state (government) should remain separate as politicis do not belong in religion only pure humbleness to God does

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