Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor challenges blasphemy conviction

Source: Reuters

By Agustinus Beo Da Costa

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Jakarta’s former governor, a Christian convicted of insulting Islam, sought a judicial review of his case on Monday, as several hundred of his supporters and hardline Islamist protesters gathered outside a court in the Indonesian capital.

The ethnic Chinese Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known as “Ahok”, was jailed for two years for blasphemy in 2017, provoking international condemnation amid concerns of political motivation after Islamist-led rallies demanded his imprisonment.

Purnama’s request for a judicial review will be passed on to the Supreme Court, a judge at a lower court hearing said.

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4 replies

    Please do not erase it, people should know this Blasphemy law. Thousand Ahmadiyyah and Christian put on Jail!

    Blasphemy law is against the true Islam ( Al Quran), but it came from the book of Hadith. The book of Hadith is not the word of God, the word of men or idols. The book of Hadith is the root of conflict, poverty and war.

    So Islamic teaching has been contaminated by false Hadith. The blasphemy law have been causing thousand innocent people became victims and put in Jail. Islam is not a religion of peace anymore, it is very sad indeed.

    Islamic teaching should be reformed or changed in order Islam can become a religion of peace / mercy again. Otherwise the killing innocent people will continue to our next generation.Very sad indeed. We need to do something for our next generation.

    Was Salam With ❤

  2. Somi, they have been speaking and writing re these infamous blasphemy laws, but aren’t you listening/reading/seeing?

    Please, stop repeating yourself! It is highly boring to keep reading the same things from you over and over, again.

    • Rmohamedali—- it seems to me that you sympathizer of extremist ideology—- yes or no?
      you blame and hate me when I try to repeat that I am so sad, pity and heartbreaking when I heard the extremist leader of goverment punish blasphemer( ahmadiyyah and christion) whereas blasphemy law is NOT ISLAMIC LAW.

      You should support me to reject the blasphamy law— instead of blame me !!
      Not only you to read this blog—I guess thousand Muslim around the world to visit this wonderful/ informative blog.

      If you get bore, do not read it, it is simple!
      My advise is a good for you, may God bless you

      • One strange ‘side-remark’ on the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Zia ul Haq of course wanted to target the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. When Christians were ‘caught up’ in the ‘net’ actually the Pakistani Courts at first were surprised and sort of ‘caught off guard’. This is my view, interpretation. Does anyone agree or disagree?

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