Christian Missions and the Construction of South SudanEvangelization, Humanitarian Work, and International Activism in Wau

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  1. Christian missionaries pushed for independence of South Sudan for decades – and finally got it. Now it is one of the most corrupt countries, a failed state, and no meaningful help (except arms) from Christian countries.

  2. A real story from this ‘pre-independence’ period: Stories were circulated that the Northern Sudanes took Southerners (Christians) as slaves. A Swiss NGO went to purchase the ‘freedom’ of these ‘slaves’. How did it work? A (good businessman) Northerner came to a Southern village school. He negotiated with the headmaster to ‘borrow’ the school children for a day for 20 $ per student. He then bound them, awaiting the Swiss NGO, who came and paid 500$ each. The students returned to school the next day. 480$ profit… per student.

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