Emmanuel Macron to propose reorganization of Islam in France

Source: Politico

The French president said he wants to ‘preserve national cohesion and the possibility of having free consciousness.’

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to reorganize Islam in France to better integrate worship, fight fundamentalism and preserve “national cohesion.”


French President Emmanuel Macron attends a dinner organised by the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) to break the fast of Ramadan, in Paris, on June 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Benjamin CREMEL (Photo credit should read BENJAMIN CREMEL/AFP/Getty Images)

“We are working on the structuring [he used the word structuration] of Islam in France and also on how to explain it, which is extremely important,” Macron told the Journal du Dimanche in an interview Sunday.

“My goal is to rediscover what lies at the heart of laïcité [the French concept of secularism], the possibility of being able to believe as not to believe, in order to preserve national cohesion and the possibility of having free consciousness,”the French leader said declining to reveal further details about the reform plan. “I will not reveal the proposal until the work is completed,” he said.

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4 replies

  1. Our Question Rafiq is ; how E. Macron to remove this extremist doctrine —-from their mind? They are millions!

    ==Wahhabism considers the Western world and people from other religions Jahiliya (ignorant) and believes that fighting against them will lead one to Allah (God) because, according to Wahhabism, only Islamic law can ensure a just society==

    Million silent extremist Muslim who follow this docrine in every corner of the world. This silent extremist Muslim are the second generation after Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaida were defeated in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

    They pretend to condemn terrorist and accuse terrorist are not Islam. Whereas they are Muslim who has doctrine like above.

    These silent extremist Muslim are wearing hijab every Islamic countries from Africa to Indonesia. When we ask them ; whitch one you prefer Islamic state to secular state?
    Most of them ( 70 percent ) prefer Islamic state.

    As far I know only Ahmadiyyah and progressive Muslim women declare clearly that they prefer Secular state than Islamic state.

    The world is still in danger years ahead. Still a lot to do!
    What do you think Rafiq , Zia?

    All ❤️

    • Western countries, and especially the USA (and UK next) are hypocrites, as far as the so-called Islamic militants are concerned. They talk about fighting them but have financed, armed and trained them, and continue to do so.

      • But I do not have a true proof, but what I read news , yes , USA and Europe still help the terrorist.
        Probably yes or not.

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