Muslim singer forced to quit French ‘The Voice’ show over terror posts

Muslim singer forced to quit French 'The Voice' show over terror posts
Screenshot from a video Mennel Ibitssem posted to Facebook.
A French Muslim singer who became an overnight star after dazzling judges on a TV talent show quit the contest on Friday after coming under fire for past Facebook comments about terror attacks.
Mennel Ibtissem, a 22-year-old student who wears a head wrap, was one of the top contestants on The Voice, where her English and Arabic version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah caused a sensation.
But within days of Saturday’s performance she was under pressure to bow out over old Facebook messages that appeared to question the terrorist nature of attacks that claimed scores of lives in France in 2016.
The posts have been deleted but screen grabs of the remarks have been circulated on far-right websites.
In one post after the July 2016 truck attack in the city of Nice, in which 86 people were killed, she said: “Here we go, it’s become a routine, an attack a week, and, as usual, the ‘terrorist’ takes his ID with him. It’s true that when you’re plotting something nasty you never forget to take your papers with you.”

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  1. Ah yes, young folks: take care what you are posting! Also potential employers will check your internet activities ! Freedom only comes either when you are your own boss or retired … Well, even then, take care!

  2. Very sad indeed, this is the backlash from Islamopobia.
    Suppose she did not wear hijab will be fine, I strongly believe she will be fine. Islamophia already know that those Muslim women who wear Burqa or Hijab considered the extremist Muslim who hate Christian or Jews.

    My advice to Muslim women
    Do not feel quilty or sin if do not wear hijab at public where some community reject Islam. Allah will forgive you.
    Take care !
    All ❤️

  3. Take care of what you are posting and think before posting it.
    And if it happens, you have went to far, as we sometimes all do.
    I ususually leaves my comment there and add a new one, to excuse myself on what might be innappropriate or make a new comment.

    Often, after rereading it later, I realise it might be taken out of context, so I restated my comment in a different manners to make sure to be understood.

    Somi Tempo, No woman should ever feel guilty and nobody should ever make a woman feel guilty of not wearing a hijab.

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