German court bans mosque’s outdoor call to prayer

Mosque in Germany

A rainbow shines above the minaret of the DITIB Mosque in Kehl, southwestern Germany.PHOTO: AFP.  The Muslim Times is promoting secularism in every country of the world

Source: Straits Times

BERLIN (REUTERS) – A mosque in northwest Germany may no longer broadcast its Friday midday call to prayer by loudspeaker for now after a local court upheld a challenge by a couple who live nearly 1km away.

The Gelsenkirchen administrative court found that the town of Oer-Erkenschwick had not assessed the local Muslim community’s request properly in 2013, but a court spokesman said on Friday (Feb 2) that this did not prevent the mosque making a new application for a permit for the prayer calls.

The local Christian couple had argued that the call to prayers violated their own religious rights.

Anti-Muslim sentiment and support for anti-immigration policies are growing in many parts of Germany after the influx of well over a million migrants from Iraq, Syria and other mostly Muslim countries, beginning in 2015.

Huseyin Turgut, a senior official with the affected mosque, said the court’s decision was disappointing.

“The call to prayer lasts for two minutes, just around 1pm, but only on Fridays,” he said. “We’ve never had any complaints and we have German neighbours who are much closer – just 10 metres away.”

The town’s administration could not immediately be reached for comment.


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  1. I have a feeling the German court must have known that Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan are not allowed by law to call Azan before salat-prayers. Is anyone going
    shed any tears on this court ban? Keep the state secular by actions.

  2. If we carry on our religion do not try to provoke others with Islamic faith in public.
    So I agree and support to ban out side call to prayer. Sometime this call to prayer will disturb people who are sleeping.
    Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. It is not religion of provocative.
    Be wise to carry on your religion. Do not show off.

    All ❤️

    • And the Africans who were shot by a right-extremist Italian recently should ‘whiten’ their faces in order not to ‘offend’ ? The Azan – Call to Prayer – is beautiful ! I pray we can hear it all over the world !

  3. Most people wear watches these days, therefore no need to make a public announcement about prayer time. My small local mosque manages quite well without the call to prayer, especially since most of the attending Muslims don’t live close by. Other religious groups manage quite well too, by not making a public statement about their religion. It should be a private matter.

  4. Call to prayer is melodious and sweet to my ears, but I agree with Renate Chaudry; it should be a private matter. It is not sweet to everyone’s ears.

    Ultimately the answers lie in coexistence and mutual respect. In USA we of course have Christmas holidays, but no Eid or Diwali holidays in most of the country. There are some Jewish holidays in many universities. So, it does not have to be always about majority’s sentiment. Peaceful, contributing and loving minorities can be indulged a little as well. But, perhaps they have to earn their rite of passage.

  5. Well said, Zia.
    Call to prayer is melodious and sweet to my ears, but I agree with Renate Chaudry; it should be a private matter. It is not sweet to everyone’s ears.===

    In order we can please Allah, first we have to please people around us. This is wise way to worship Allah.

    Unfortunately the extremist Clerics spread Islam without care other feeling ( non Islam) and then create conflict and tention.

    Progressive Muslim is champion of change.

  6. That’s how it starts. in Pakistan there are so many mosques close to each other and all of them sing Azan and every moazan wants to be heard so they keep the Azan calling 2 minutes of each other. along with they have is Durood before and after the Azan. this whole process becomes 30 minute ordeal with loudest speakers on earth. these days ways of communication are so advanced, that each namazi can make it to the masjid rather on time without listening to the Azan coming out of the mosque. they can easily download Azan on their cell phone which can be synced with Azan time. especially Friday prayer time does not or necessarily does not need to be changed throughout the year. since the time does not change so each member who is attending the namaz already know what time Azan going to be and what time namaz going to be. another point is there are 2 azans for Friday prayer. so that means Azans are being called out 2 times?. Agree with German officials and members of the mosque should find other ways of calling to Namaz.

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