Mom sues school district alleging promotion of Christianity

Source: USA Today

SHREVEPORT, La. — A mom sued her daughter’s school district Monday, alleging pervasive promotion of Christianity.

The lawsuit details more than 30 specific incidents of allegedly unconstitutional use of religion in schools, including science teachers calling evolution a “fairy tale,” teachers waving a Bible at students while criticizing a card game, and teachers punishing or criticizing students who refused to participate in classroom prayers.

Christy Cole of Sibley, La., filed her federal lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, Kaylee, a junior at Lakeside Junior/Senior High School in Sibley, according to the filing.

“Ms. Cole was raised as a Baptist and deeply values her religious beliefs,” the lawsuit said. “She objects to and is offended by Defendants’ conduct because it promotes beliefs to which she and her daughter do not subscribe, co-opts her faith for official government purposes, promotes religious favorites, and usurps her role.”

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