Attorney general blasts First Church of Cannabis for RFRA claim

Source: IndyStar

BY , fatima.hussein@indystar.comPublished 3:30 p.m. ET Dec. 18, 2017

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says it’s time for a state court to rule against the First Church of Cannabis in its argument that pot smoking is a part of its religion.

Hill wants a Marion County circuit court judge to rule in the state’s favor in a lawsuit related to the church’s Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act claim.

The church sued the state of Indiana, former Gov. Mike Pence and former Attorney General Greg Zoeller in July 2015, claiming that denying church members the right to smoke marijuana in public infringes on religious freedom.

Hill and the state contend that the First Church of Cannabis is not a religion but a group of marijuana activists pretending for the basis of the lawsuit.

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