Why are Barelvis wielding new political influence in Pakistan?

Source: Indian Express

One reason the military establishment is now relying on Barelvi groups is because the previous “assets” have now become a liability. Pakistan faces continuous pressure from the international community for not acting against terror groups like Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa, or its previous incarnation, the Lashkar-e-Toiba. By using the Barelvi groups, over an issue as sensitive as blasphemy, the military establishment might be preparing alternative assets to be deployed against their political rivals in Pakistan. The public perception after the government crackdown against protestors is overwhelmingly anti-PML(N), while the Pakistan military has gained more sympathy for refusing the act against them. Pakistan’s ultra-conservative population believe they were fighting for a noble cause.

The stage has now been set for the PML(N) exit in the elections next year, but at a hefty cost. A dangerous precedent has been set, and the majority Muslim sect has been weaponized. History is repeating itself in Pakistan.




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  1. An extremely analytical analysis. Facts on ground are same. In Pakistan actual ruler is military. Every one knows it but no one dares to say it due to fear of abduction and misplacement. It is just unfortunate. Some nations learn lessons quickly while some never learn. But one thing is sure the continuation of current policy will doom this nation very soon.

  2. Pakistan’s militery has been influenced by the extremist ideology , we knew since the Army hided Osma Bin Laden for years near the army complex. Pakistan has been under the Extremist control now. Very dangerous state.
    Pray to Allah only Allah can protect Pakistan from falling to the extremist hand.

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