Israel and Saudi Arabia: What’s shaping the covert ‘alliance’

Source: BBC News

To all intents and purposes, Saudi Arabia and Israel are de facto allies in the struggle against Iran’s rising influence in the region. It’s a developing but highly sensitive relationship, but every so often there is a hint of what may be going on beneath the surface.

Last week Israel’s Chief of Staff, General Gadi Eisenkot, said in an interview with UK-based Saudi newspaper Elaph, that Israel was ready to exchange intelligence with the Saudis in order to confront Iran.

“There are shared interests and as far as the Iranian axis is concerned we are in full accord with the Saudis,” he said.

A few days later, speaking after a conference in Paris, a former Saudi justice minister, Dr Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa – a close associate of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – told the Israeli newspaper Maariv that “no act of violence or terror that tries to justify itself by invoking the religion of Islam is justified anywhere, including in Israel”.

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  1. We, Progressive Muslim around the world strongly support to have a good relationship with The State of Israel.
    Jews people who follow Allah’s laws as below, are lively Jews, peaceful, respectful and tolerant people.

    “ love God with all your heart, mind and with all your soul, and love your neighbor as you love your self. Treat and love foreigners as you love your self:

    How beautiful Islamiccteaching from Allah are?

    So Saudi and Israel can fight and defeat the extremist Muslim both ( Wahhabi Hamas and Syah Hesbulah).
    Those extremist Muslim want to expel Israel to the sea. Allah will ptotect Jews and will destroy the extremist Muslim Hamas and Hisbullah Iran soon or later. Allah is All Know.

    Let us pray to Allah may Saudi and Israel can become brotherhood again as Allah command it. Q.22:78
    Jews, Christian and Muslim are brotherhood

    With love❤️

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