Pakistan: Animal Registration to start in Sindh –similar to NADRA

Pakistan: Animals Registration to start in Sindh –similar to NADRA

Karachi (Urdu Times News) November 22, 2017

All Pakistanis are registered under National Database and Registration Authority. A similar database will be started soon under an agency for animals in Sindh, Pakistan. This new provincial agency will issue identity cards and passports for all animals found in the province of Sindh.

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The Livestock department of government of Sindh has started devising a plan for this purpose. A new Bill has been drafted. The new NADRA style registration authority will be established under the supervision of Livestock department. A central data base of all animals will be created.

Under the new Bill, all animals owners will be required to record movement of all animals, date of birth and date of death, and inform the new agency of this vital information. Government documents will be issued for birth certificates and death certificates.

A unique identification number will be issued to each animal. Any animal brought for slaughter, government agency must be informed. Butchers will be given training, and they will be registered as well.

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