Japan: Commemorating 2nd year of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque its members introduce their teachings to Chukyo & Tohoku Gakuin Daigaku Universities

A lecture introducing the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its services for Humanity was delivered before the professors from Chukyo University and students from Tohoku Gakuin Daigaku.

The worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the auspicious occasion of inauguration of this mosque had stated the following objectives of the construction of the Baitul Ahad – the Japan Mosque:

“We seek to spread Islam not by force or compulsion but through love and compassion. Our Community and our Mosques fulfill those purposes for which the Holy Kaabah was built – to spread peace in the world. Our Mosques are beacons of light that illuminate their surroundings.”

He further stated:
“Let me make it crystal clear that Islam’s teachings and the purposes of true Mosques are entirely peaceful and a means of bringing society together.”

Worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community announced that:
Finally I wish to also make it clear that all people are welcome to our mosque. The doors to this mosque will forever remain open to the people of all beliefs who wish to worship the One God. (20th November 2015 :Address at inauguration of the Japan Mosque)

The Japan Mosque hosts a numbers of events in fulfilling the desired objectives and purpose of the construction of this mosque. These programs and events held at the mosque not only portray the the true and beautiful image of Islam but have helped rectify the distorted and negative image of Islam which some of the Japanese had in their minds.

The attendees were also shown a short documentary giving brief overview of the Mosque and the works of the Community during the earthquakes and tsunami.

During the lecture it was highlighted that according to the explanation of the Founder of Ahmadiyyat a Muslim has to fulfil both the rights of Allah and rights of Mankind. Thus it becomes incumbent on each Muslim to carry out his/her responsibility in service of mankind.

It was also emphasised that we as Ahmadis rejected and condemn all kinds of terrorism religious extremism and hatred in the name of Islam.

Professors and students expressed their respective views and said (after meeting Muslims and listening to the lectures): We are convinced that indeed the Founder of Islam was a great leader and had love and compassion for the entire mankind.

Throughout the day, Ahmadi Muslim volunteers greeted visitors with a smile before leading them on guided tours of our Mosque. Many of our guests were new – some had never met Muslims or stepped inside of a mosque before. These tours gave visitors an opportunity to learn about the basic knowledge of Islam Ahmadiyyat.

Pictures from the event as Slideshow:

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