Czech Republic’s tiny Muslim community subject to hate

Source: Aljazeera


A Czech Muslim holds a banner during a protest rally against 'terrorism' in Prague on August 10, 2016 [David W Cerny/Reuters]
A Czech Muslim holds a banner during a protest rally against ‘terrorism’ in Prague on August 10, 2016 [David W Cerny/Reuters]



Prague, Czech Republic – Walking along the idyllic streets of Prague just blocks away from the famed Wenceslas Square, 38-year-old Palestinian-born Raed Shaikh stopped to point out a halal grocery store he and the handful of other Muslim residents in town frequent.

He then motioned towards a Middle Eastern restaurant to the right, hidden behind a small mosque.

“Here is the highest concentration of Muslims in Prague,” the IT project manager said laughingly.

Though no exact figures exist, the Muslim community in the Czech Republic is small, between 5,000 and 20,000, or less than 0.02 percent of the total population.

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2 replies

  1. Extremist Muslim around the world use freedom of religion as tool to establish Syariah Islam in public, msjority non Islam. This conduct is not wise, is not Islamic attitude.

    My parents adviced his children, if you finish high school you will go To other city and live with other people who has different tradition and religion. You have to be wise, nice, kind and you have to obey the rule of your boss even against your tradition, you have to adapt it. If you cannot adapt it you better come home.

    I urge all migrat Muslim around the world, please do not implement syariah law such as:
    Halal food, halal grocery, halal restaurant, syariah school, shariah Bank, syariah hospital, syariah dress, ( hijab, burqa, beard ) and do not shalat on the street -/ road. If there is mosque, do not use a loud speaker .
    If Islamic clerics ask you to do that, do not follow it, you should reject it.
    Hopefully, this advice will be solved Muslims problem who live in mojority non Islam.

    May Allah bless you with peace, and prosperity Amin
    With love❤️

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong to have halal food, halal restaurants and all the other things Somi mentioned, as no Muslim forces any non-Muslim to purchase our halal food. If everything is based on free will, what is the problem? To eat pork sausages in order to integrate is just plain silly.

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