Ahmadiyya Successfully Participates in Croatian National Book Fair,”Interliber”

By Zubair K Khan

By the Blessings and Mercy of Almighty God, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat successfully participated in Croatia National Book Fair, “Interliber”. It was organized in Exhibition Arena Zagreb from 07 to 12th of November 2017. In series it was 40th Croatian National Book Fair. Total 13 countries participated. Above 300 stalls were constructed and approximately 1,30,000 visitors made their way to this fair. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Croatia got 30 square meters book stall which was beautifully decorated with portraits of Promised Messiah a.s. and all the five Khalifas of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Missionary Croatia Rana Muhammad Munawwar Khan made special efforts to fully  decorate the Ahmadiyya Stall with pictures humanitarian activities locally conducted by the Ahmadiyya community and Humanity First.

Ahmadiyya Muslim jamaat Book Stall in Croatian national Book Fair,”Interliber”


Exhibition of Holy Quran in 28 different languages was a great attraction for the visitors. From Islamic literature point view this was the only stall housing religious books.
This year Holy Quran in 28 languages, 25 books duly translated in to Croatian, 12 speeches of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba) on peace, justice and human rights in Croatian version were placed at the Ahmadiyya Stall. In addition 25 titles in English and Albanian each were also at display.  Almost 50 titles in Bosnian Language also got place in Ahmadiyya book Stall. Big posters comprising of book name and picture of the book made the job of visitors easy to have the details at a glance. Green fast color shirts with Ahmadiyya logo worn by Ahmadiyya members were difficult to miss by the visitors. On Saturday 11.11.2017, Mr Sead Mulabegovic, a local Nau-Ahmadi very effectively introduced the book titled, Islam and Human Rights written by Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, former President of UN General Assembly and International Court of Justice.

Religious discussion and inquiries at Ahmadiyya Book Stall

During the book fair Ahmadiyya members distributed almost 11,000 flyers and pamphlets comprising the claim of promised Messiah a.s., speeches of current spiritual head of community on peace, justice and human rights. Pamphlets on women in Islam and role of women in Islam were among favorites. In addition to Holy Quran, Philosophy of Teachings of Islam, Jesus in India, Fountain of Christianity, Islam response to Contemporary Issues and Muhammad (SA) in Bible were the most sold titles. Multi ethnic and cultural aura was unique at Ahmadiyya stall. Croatian, Serbian, African, Arab, and Asian, all  wearing Ahmadiyya Logo shirts proved to be special moment of remembrance.

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    • I am very much happy and excited if Ahmadiyyah can build a big Hotel for public, build a big factury where people can work etc etc

      Mormons ( Sect of Christianity) who believe that the founder of Mormon was Messhiah, like Ahmadiyyah in Islam.

      Mormons is not successful to build many Churchs but also successful to build many Hotels in the world and many facturies in the world.

      If Ahnadiyyah focus on prosperity of Muslim and non Muslim will be great. I think Ahmadiyyah can do it, if Ahmadiyyah leader urge young Muslims to focus on interprice or trading as our prophet did, can be like Mormon.
      This is my hope.
      All ❤️

  1. First and foremost is spiritual reformation. If it is achieved all is well done. So Ahmadiyya is concentrating on spiritual reformation.

    • @ Zubair.. that was I thought Ahmadiyyah is not interested in promoting and strengthening the economic Muslim, but only concentrating on spiritual reformation.

      It is unfortunately whereas our prophet earn money through trading or enterprise as role model for his followers later on.
      Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh Muslim have to strive in 2 ways in order Muslim can be a role model for others, Muslim’s hands have to be above other hands. It means Muslim has to be a employer instead of employee ( slave).
      That is a main goal Allah sent or chose Prophet Muhammad pbuh to his followers.

      Hopefully Ahmadiyyah can follow our prophet 10 or 20 years later how to earn money that can create many job for people and then they can live in prosperity, peace and happiness.
      All ❤️

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