Why is spirituality correlated with life satisfaction?


Symbols for spirituality in the Abrahamic faiths: Kaaba, the church of holy sepulcher and the wailing wall

Source: The Guardian

By Daniel José Camacho, who is a Contributing Opinion Writer at Guardian US. His writing has appeared in Christian Century, Religion Dispatches, Sojourners, Duke Magazine, and TIME, and his commentary has appeared in the New York Times.

Spirituality, in its purest form, is not an escape from the world but a richer engagement with it

Spirituality enables people to see more within the world and within others. It’s no surprise that this leads to a greater sense of fulfillment. A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute has found that higher levels of spirituality are strongly correlated with higher life satisfaction.

As a person of faith, my experience with organized religion has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. Yet, I have always appreciated how spiritualities across a variety of traditions animate expansive visions and compassionate ethics. Even as the religious landscape in the United States rapidly changes, the importance of spirituality won’t necessarily go away. Now, there’s more evidence to flesh this out.

PRRI and Florida State University have jointly conducted a national survey that measures spirituality by self-reported experiences of being connected to something larger than oneself, and religiosity by frequency of religious attendance and the personal importance of religion. By making this distinction, they’re able shed more light on the phenomenon of “spiritual but not religious” Americans.

Writers like Kaya Oakes, author of The Nones Are Alright: A New Generation of Believers, Seekers, and Those in Between, have shared stories showing that those with a jaded relationship to institutional religion can’t be painted as a monolithic group. This survey confirms that the picture is more complex.

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  1. From my view:
    Those who eddict with in spirituality will live in poverty, they neglet with worldly activity. They cannot get Heaven on earth and the next Heaven. They are deceived by Evil.
    God has warned these people:

    You fool, Do you want to be shown that faith without works is dead or useless.James 2:20.

    Those who eddict with materiality will live in unhappiness, Allah will cast them to Hell , like King of Fir’un , Egypt.

    For me. The right way to live is to strive in both way, spirituality and materiality
    Muslims should live in Heaven on earth and the Next life.
    May Allah give us 2 Heaven Amin

  2. Somi you have been misinformed. Spirituality is not a feeling it’s a state you must achieve by learning new thing. You first state is your basic self, the self that incites to evil. This state is man is the first state where he is a basic person and must learn compassion, kindness, selfless etc to achieve the next state of spirituality. Please read the book called , The philosophy of Teachings of Islam.

    • @ Riffat … my argument is aleays base on Al Quran، not base on imam or sholar.
      The best sect of Islam who achive spiritual state is Sufy,. .. there is also sect of Hindu / budhist
      They spand a lot of times to recite holy verses in their room.
      Yes many of them become kind, nice and lovely person..but as I see them are lack of worldly activity, neglet to strengthen economy, as result of it their hands are not produtive..
      whereas Our prophet has said: a good person those whose hands are above others hands or a employer is better than a employee. A rich man is better than a weak man.. a weak man is a slave of rich man. Proverb.

      Whereas Allah also had warned :
      Do not forget your Heaven on earth — Q 28:77.

      You fool, Do you want to be shown that faith without works is dead or useless.James 2:20.

      There are some Christian who deligently go to Church, pray to God, but neglet the world activities.. those people are death, they try to deceieve God, but they deceive them selves.

      I urge Muslim around the world : strive to strengthen your economy, finacial by doing trading or interprice as our prophet did as excellent role model how to earn money.

      Hopefully you understand Riffat. May Allah guide you to the right path of Islam.

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