This week a world leader much worse than Donald Trump is visiting the UK – but I don’t see any protest from MPs

Netanyahu is the head of a regime that closes media companies, arrests journalists, jails Palestinian activists and human rights defenders without charge or trial, and tries children in military courts with a 99 perc ent conviction rate

That US President Donald Trump has not yet made an official visit to the UK is down to the entirely justifiable opposition such a prospect provokes.

Here is a man who ran a racist election campaign and brought hard-right nationalists into the corridors of power, who has open contempt for treaties and bodies like the United Nations.

Yet this week, Theresa May will welcome to London another world leader about whom the exact same – and much more – can be said: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

His second time in London this year, Bibi’s visit is for no other reason than to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, a document ably summarised by Gideon Levy as “an empire promising a land that it had not yet conquered to a people not living there, without asking the inhabitants”.


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