Canada’s Governor General Mocks Religion, Rejects ‘Divine Intervention’

The truth hurts: Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette mocks religion, creationism, and the idea of “divine intervention” while speaking to scientists.

Earlier this week Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette delivered the keynote speech at the Canadian Science Policy Conference in Ottawa. In her speech Payette made it clear “that she has a very low opinion of the validity of horoscopes, people who believe in creationism or those who don’t believe in climate change.”

During her remarks, Payette mocked religious belief, astrology, and climate change denial. On climate change Payette said:

Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we’re still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period.

Addressing religious superstition, and the idea of divine intervention and creationism, an incredulous Payette declared:

And we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process.

On astrology:

And every single one of the people here’s personalities can be determined by looking at planets coming in front of invented constellations.

On alternative medicine:

And so many people — I’m sure you know many of them — still believe, want to believe, that maybe taking a sugar pill will cure cancer, if you will it!

As one might expect, some were not happy with the Governor General’s firm rejection of religious superstition.

However, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved of Payette’s remarks, declaring:

I applaud the firmness with which she stands in support of science and the truth.


Payette was trained as a computer engineer and later became an astronaut. In 1999 she was the first Canadian to board the International Space Station. She was appointed to her position as Canada’s Governor General by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Watch Governor General Julie Payette’s remarks below –

image:’s Governor General Julie Payette (Image via YouTube)
Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette (Image via YouTube)


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