Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan denies multiple rape accusations



Tariq Ramadan
Divisive: Tariq Ramadan denies rape and sexual assault(Keystone)

Swiss Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan has been accused of rape and sexual assault by three women. Ramadan, a professor at the University of Oxford, denies any wrongdoing.

Le Monde and Le Parisien newspapers reported at the weekendexternal link that a woman had filed a complaint on Friday against Ramadan, 55, for an alleged rape in 2009. Another woman had alleged on October 20 she was also assaulted by Ramadan in 2012.

Paris prosecutors said they had opened a rape and sexual assault investigation against Ramadan following the first complaint. Ramadan’s lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou, has denied the accusations and says his client is suing for “slanderous allegations”.

On Wednesday, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reportedexternal link that a Belgian woman was accusing Ramadan of sexual violence.

Swiss reaction

In Switzerland, Ramadan, grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, still has the support of national Islamic associations. In the French-speaking part of the country, surprise and incomprehension are the dominant reactions.

“Personally, the disappointment – if all this turns out to be true – would be so great that I really struggle to believe it,” Pascal Gemperli, president of union of Muslim associations in canton Vaud, told Swiss public radio, RTSexternal link.


“I know he’s heavily criticised in some circles, but I’m telling you honestly that I can’t believe it. Everything I’ve read about him in recent years has been in favour of integration, in favour of a positive contribution to society, to do good, to convey love. And I think from a religious point of view, he’s a big resource for many people in Europe.”

Praise and criticism

Born in Geneva in 1962 and the younger brother of controversial imam Hani Ramadan, Tariq Ramadan studied Islamic Studies and French literature at the University of Geneva. He acquired Swiss citizenship at age 22.

In 1986, he married a French Catholic who converted to Islam. The couple and their first three children spent time in Egypt while he finished his religious training. Upon his return to Switzerland in 1992, Ramadan began to make a name for himself in France with a series of conferences and television appearances.

The telegenic, charming, eloquent and knowledgeable figure became the voice of the “European Muslim”, the title of one of his many books, which calls on other Muslims to shake off the mentality of minorities and victims and to stake their claim as full citizens who are faithful to the principles of Islam.

His audience ranges from second-generation immigrants in the suburbs to intellectuals, especially on the left and among those opposed to globalisation.

However, many critics argue that beneath the charm of the “Egyptian prince” lurks a dangerous Islamist. Ramadan’s fortunes changed in 2003 when he wrote a column online which two major newspapers refused to run. The column listed a series of Jewish intellectuals who, according to Ramadan, were too complacent about Israel. The following year, the United States denied him entry, although he had been offered a position as a professor at a Catholic university.

He later moved to Britain and in 2009 was given a Chair of Islamic Studies at Oxford University, financed by Qatar. In early 2016, Ramadan announced his intention to apply for French citizenship, but this was vehemently opposed by then Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

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  1. That is why God warn people : do not place your trust on a scholar or Imam ( idol) he can make a mistake and then you will be deceived to go astray! Somany example that Allah has shown us from the leader of Al Qaida, Taliban, ISIS, Brotherhood etc etc
    Allah will love you if you place your trust on Him alone ( Taurat, Zabur, Injil and Al Quran) NOT the book of Hadith, men created books

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