How far-right parties are faring across Europe

Source: The Local

Austria’s hard-right Freedom Party has a shot at sharing power after elections on Sunday, having narrowly lost out in a presidential vote last year.

A far-right party has also had some success in Germany, in September becoming the first such party to enter the Bundestag since the end of World War II, but their counterpart in France is faring less well.

Here is a snapshot of some of the far-right parties in Europe.


The eurosceptic and anti-immigrant Freedom Party (FPOe) came close to winning the presidency in December, which would have made its leader the European Union’s first far-right president.

One of Europe’s most established nationalist parties, it is forecast to come second or third in this weekend’s vote and could become junior coalition partners to the favourites, the conservative People’s Party (OeVP).

Founded in 1956 by ex-Nazis, the party earned a stunning second place in 1999 elections with nearly 27 percent.

Last year its candidate Norbert Hofer narrowly lost a presidential runoff against Greens-backed economics professor Alexander Van der Bellen.


The openly anti-immigration and Islamophobic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is the third-biggest party in the Bundestag after the September election, a political earthquake for post-war Germany.

The party took nearly 13 percent of the votes, having failed in the 2013 election to make even the five percent required for representation in parliament.

It has more than 90 seats on the benches of the parliament that meets for the first time on October 24.


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  1. I think we need to be very careful about the word ‘Islamaphobic’ here. I believe that some members of the AfD – just as some members of anti-immigration parties in other European parties – respect the precepts of Islam (as I do in countries where it is the state religion e.g. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Qatar etc.) but simply do not want to see the Islamification of their own European countries.

  2. I agree, the big problem with immigrant Muslims is; ghey want to pratice their Syariah law from wearing burqa, Halah food, Islamic school, Islamic Bank, Islamic restaurant, Islamic insurance , and then if possible All Mudlims have to follow Syariah laws if Not will be punished, as we saw in London City few years ago.

    This kind of attitude of Muslims is dangerous for peaceful Society in The West. Before Extremist Muslims become a huge groups, and stronger, Goverment should be carefull with their demands for the sama right with other religion.
    And wait until all Islamic countries obey human Right.

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