Much ado

Source: Dawn

SOMETHING old, something new and something definitely blue — much happened this week. You can decide which is which.

But what does it all mean?

Let’s start with this hostage business. It’s right out of the crisis playbook: find something you can offer the other side so that both sides can come out looking good and saying nice things about each other.

Good for the young family freed though. If there’s anything everyone can agree on it’s that the family was being held against its will and there are few things as hellish as that captivity.

But the episode is revealing in other ways.

One, the trust deficit is enormous and perhaps even unbridgeable. A young family rescued is the kind of thing the media and officialdom find irresistible, but it doesn’t move the needle much in terms of the overall relationship.

If anything, that this was the gesture chosen or agreed on suggests how far apart the two sides still are; in years past, they’d have droned a big-time militant or two.

Two, the story has privately irritated the boys here. Whether the family crossed over recently or had long been here, a recovery on Pakistani soil is proof of exactly what we’ve been denying: sanctuaries on this side of the border.


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