Sanaullah says his stance on Ahmadis was distorted to malign him

Source:Pakistan Time

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said without going into depth of his stance [on Ahmadiyya community], a certain lobby [political opponents] twisted his stance in order to malign his reputation. Earlier, Sanaullah came under criticism when he made a controversial statement favouring the minority community. Sanaullah said that “Ahmadis (also) act upon ‘Namaz’ (prayer) and ‘Roza’ (fast); they go to mosques and recite Azan” incited countrywide protests. The Punjab minister stirred up a hornet’s nest by calling Ahmadis Muslims. However, he clarified his stance later, stating that whoever does not believe in the finality of prophethood was outside the boundary of Islam. Talking to Punjab Ulema Council delegation who called on him, the minister said ulemas who are close to him know his love and respect for the prophet, adding that the issue raised in reference to media programme emerged because of the shortage of time due to which he could not fully explain his views.



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  1. I urge strongly Progressive Muslims and all minorities religion or not religion to speak up loudly and unite to fight the extremist intolerance ideology and then protect the right of minorities speacially ahmadiyyah, Christen and LGBT always became victims.
    Extremist Muslim will create syariah law the time of prophet Muhammad pbuh or Ancient Islamic law. Like Saudi, Iran and Isis.
    All love

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