In Pakistan, faith has become a dangerous political tool

Source: Asia Times

On October 2, Pakistan’s National Assembly passed the Electoral Reforms Bill 2017 into law, to allow the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) disqualified prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, to be reelected as the party’s leader.

In addition to being touted as undemocratic by opposition parties, resulting in the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) challenging the amendment in the Supreme Court, the bill has been met with a severe backlash over changes made regarding Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (finality of prophethood), the belief that the Prophet Muhammad was the final messenger of Allah, as enshrined in Pakistan’s Constitution.


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  1. When Extremist Islam rule the existing authority Al Quran and Hadith will become source of law and become constitution. And then what will happen?
    1. According to Al Quranand Hadith: Jews, Christian, Infidel and Islamic minority are forbidden to join Army, police, and Government employee.
    2. All non muslim women have to wear burqa or hijab.
    3. Female have to have long beard
    4. Pork, alcohol are banned
    5. All ancient Islamic laws have to be implemented like Taliban or ISIS.
    6. All Non Islamic Bank are forbidden
    7. All non Islsmic schools are forbidden
    8. Etc

    Pakistan is a dangerous country in the world today.
    Because Pakistan has a Nuclear country.
    May Allah guide Pakistan leaders to the right path of Islam

  2. Faith I believe has become an intolerance tool all over the world and has become a scapegoat for all politicians to use as the see fit for personal and political gain. It’s very disheartening and cruel but true.

    Somi, people who use Islam’s name to sell their ideas are not presenting the true picture of Islam. Islam is the religion of moderation not extremists and people who purpose the ideas that you have stated in your comment are anything but Islamic ideas.

    Also somi, Hadith are saying of the holy Prophet (pbuh) but only if the Hadith is authentic and verified through proper sources. You keep mentioning Hadith but u never mention any specific Hadith so that I can do some research to inquire if that particular Hadith is even considered authentic or not. Please do not be so repeatetive .

  3. @ Riffat.. From my investigation I found many false hadith, many violent hadith, and many Ancient Arab tradition.

    As long as Muslims believe that book of hadith as second source of Islamic teaching, some Muslim groups use Hadith to justify their acts to punish and kill infidel and others.
    Our question is who can reprecent Islam? No a sect can reprecent all Muslims, you know that right? There are many sect among Muslim.

    As long as The book of Hadith still exist on earth, extremist Islam use these violent Hadith for ever, they believe that Prophet Muhammad pbuh commanded them to kill infidel and others.

    1. if Islamic scholars declare publicly that all violent hadith have to be removed frm the book of hadith or AND THEN REPRINTED.
    2. If Islamic scholars declare that the book of Hadith is not Valid anymore and should be burned.

    That are my suggestion in order Muslims can live in peace again. And Ahmadiyyah Muslims can live in peace in their own country. Then we can claim that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy for all people.
    WasSalam all love

  4. Somi there are Hadith that really benefits all Muslim’s and others alike sms so Hadith is only there for secondary guidance but first and foremost it’s the holy Quran that takes president over all else.

    If we could gather all Muslim scholars and that get them to agree on even sitting together, I think that would be the wonder of the century let alone get them to agree to remove all Hadith that is in conflict with the teachings of the holy Quran. So yes it would be a good try but again we have to look at each Hadith and show the world that it’s the culture and traditions and idiotic scholars’ interpretation and not the true teachings of Islam.

    Just like Jesus taught turn the other cheek, if Christianity were still teaching that, than the west would still be in the third world, and USA would not dare invade half the world but that’s not the case.

    • @ Riffat — Yes, I found some beautiful Hadith are not against Holy Books, and also there are many violent Hadith and thousand Ancient Arab tradition that bring back Muslims toward the dakness times or primitive times.

      My suggestion to Ahmadiyyah leader let we ( Ahmadiyyah+Progressive Islam+others) together to declare publicly that we going to remove all violent Hadith and WE REWRITE A NEW BOOK OF HADITH.

      Riffat, we can not invite all Islamic clerics they probably reject our best idea. This a good moment to protect the true Islamic teaching that have been contaminated hundred years since the Book Hadith printed by Imam Muslim Bukhari.
      If not now when? If not us, who?
      Islamophobia are rising and growing stronger and stronger… Islamophobia and extremist Muslim are alike, dangerous for humanity.
      Let us pray to God may God guide us and give us strength to reform the old Islamic teaching Amin
      All love

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