Islamic intolerance rising in pre-election Malaysia

Source: Asia Times

string of racial and religious incidents in Malaysia has brought concerns of rising Islamic conservatism to the fore, widening the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims as the government plays on identity issues ahead of what is expected to be a jarring and contentious election season.

Two annual beer festivals were recently cancelled following political objections raised by leaders of the hardline Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), which claimed it has a “social responsibility” to oppose alcohol festivals and that the events would turn Kuala Lumpur into “the largest vice center in Asia.”


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  1. Hello Zubair, thank you for reporting this. I also came across this article that describes the persecution of the Christian mayor Ahok:

    Long touted as a beacon of Muslim tolerance and moderation, Indonesia joined other repressive Muslim nations in May when it sentenced the Christian governor of Jakarta, known as “Ahok,” to a two-year prison term on the charge that he committed “blasphemy” against Islam.


  2. Extremist intolerance are dangerous group for humanity!
    Islamic intolerance is a new generation of Taliban or ISIS.
    As I say many times here! If people choose a extremist leader, just wait for the act of discriminative against non Islam, create conflict , violence, and probably warfare between Islamic intolerance and non Islam.

    Again and again islamic government can not create peace, harmony, happiness and Prosperity.

    Immigrant Muslims have to thank to Christian majority countries like America, Canada, and Europe countries. How to thank? Follow and obey laws and do not demand to create Syariah law, such as: Islamic Bank, Restaurant Halal, Halal food, Islamic school, ect etc. We are free to do Shalat, fasting, Hajji, and to build .mosque here. It is enough

    Do not dare to show Islamic Identity such as burqa, hijab, shalat on the street etc, but show your faith to Allah alone.

    The most importain today to help our minority Muslims ( not extremist) and non Muslim who have no freedom and equal right in Islamic countries. We have to speak up loudly and endlessly for Human Right and justice for all.

    Islamic teaching ( Al Quran + Hadith) can not create the peaceful society or country. Islamic teaching in Islamic majority country create violence, discriminative, and poverty. Very sad and pity.

    Immigrant Muslims and Christians have to work together to fight and defeat extremist Islam around the world.
    Extremist Muslim are dangerous group for humanity, they destroy humanity and country like Afghanistan, Itaq, Syria, Yemen, Lebya, Somalia, Sudan, Negeria. NEXT: Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesis etc.

    Allah say: Extremist deceive his followers and then bring disaster on them and others. Isis, AL qaida, Taliban etc are the true fact.

    All love

  3. I urge strongly Progressive Muslims and all minorities religion or not religion to speak up loudly and unite to fight the extremist intolerance ideology and then protect the right of minorities speacially ahmadiyyah, Christen and LGBT always became victims.
    Extremist Muslim will create syariah law the time of prophet Muhammad pbuh or Ancient Islamic law. Like Saudi, Iran and Isis.

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