Islamic State nearly expelled from its last urban stronghold in Iraq

Source: The Washington Post

By Mustafa Salim and Tamer El-Ghobashy October 5

DIBIS, Iraq — Iraqi forces have reclaimed the town of Hawijah from the Islamic State, Iraq’s prime minister said Thursday, though fighting continued in pockets of the last significant urban territory controlled by the militant group.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi made the announcement from Paris, where he was meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss a growing crisis over an independence referendum held by Iraq’s Kurds.

Macron offered to mediate between the Iraqi central government and the Kurds, even as other regional powers have taken steps to isolate the Kurdish region in retaliation for last week’s vote.

France has been a traditional proponent of Kurdish self-determination, but Macron said Iraq’s territorial integrity must be maintained — dashing hopes by Kurdish officials that France would become one of the few countries to support a possible break from Baghdad.

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  1. Extremist Muslims have destroyed most Iraq’s Cities and its people. very sad and pity. I still blamed Saudi Arabia’s clerics who created Extremist Muslim and let them growing bigger and bigger for decades. As result of wrong teaching have caused milions Muslims died and suffered.
    Islamic teaching has to be reformed otherwise there is NO peace.

    • And …. according to Somi, the USA had absolutely nothing to do with the destruction and destabilization in Iraq.

      • @ Rafiq.. Again and again, please believe in Allah’s word instead of News.
        Allah say: if bad thing fall into you, that is your false, if good thing come to you, that is from Me.

        Iraq leader invited USA come to Iraq, to free People of Iraq from extremist Muslim or terorrist.

        Rafiq: Allah say: Extremist (leader of Iraq) deceive his people and then bring disaster to them.”

        If we all follow Allah”d word, the world will be better off, unfortunately extremist Islamic leaders follow the book of Hadith.
        HADITH SAY: Punish and kill infidel until they convert to Islam, apostate, bladphemer and gay lesbian etc.

        For decades Islamic teaching has been contaminated with false Hadith. You do not agree that? Rafiq?

      • Somi is living on another planet: “Iraqi leader inited USA come to Iraq”. Iraq’s leader at the time was Saddam Hussain and he definately did not invite the Americans to come and hang him. – Americans encouraged democracy in Iraq. It so happens that the Shiahs are the majority and democratic leadership falls to them. Such is democracy. – Hadith: If you would read Ahmadiyya literature with more attention you would recall that we always say that a Hadith cannot be in contradiction to the Qur’an. If they appear to be so we can ignore them. The Qur’an states “There is no Compulsion in Religion”. simple. (why make life complicated all the time?)

  2. From Ahmadiyyah view: Why does Allah allow million Muslims including innocent children suffered and died in Islamic coutries and we do not know when it will end …

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