Ahmadi Muslims Face Growing Persecution in Algeria

Source: https://muftah.org/ahmadi-muslims-face-growing-persecution-algeria/#.WdkP_4-CzIU | Fatima Mohie-Eldin

On August 28, Mohamed Fali, the leader of Algeria’s Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, was arrested. On September 13, he was sentenced to a six month suspended prison term and a fine of 20,000 Algerian dinars, on charges of “offending Islam” and “unauthorized fundraising.” Similarly ill-defined charges have been leveled against a growing number of Algerian Ahmadi Muslims since 2016, highlighting alarming and increasing religious intolerance in the country.


Fali was arrested on the basis of a February 2017 judgment issued against him , in absentia, by the Court of First Instances in Ain Tedles, Mostaganem province. The original judgment sentenced Fali to three years in prison for collecting donations without a license. Upon his arrest, Fali was held in Mostaganem Prison for two weeks until his September trial. While he was released from pre-trial detention after being sentenced, he faces the risk of further prosecution based on outstanding charges against him in other parts of the country. Before his sentencing in Mostaganem, in fact, Fali spent three months, from February to May, in Chlef prison, located in northern Algeria near the coast, in provisional detention, presumably on similar charges relating to his religious beliefs.

Fali is among 286 Ahmadis who have been arrested in Algeria since the government began cracking down on the minority community in … read more at source mentioned above.

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