Hate speech is acceptable in Trump’s America – as long as it comes from Christian fundamentalists

Christian fundamentalists are among Trump’s most rabid supporters. It doesn’t matter how ‘unchristian’ a more mainstream follower of that religion might find his behaviour

“Putting the Caliphate first may mean eliminating the US and UK from the map. If it comes down to the Caliphate or them, I vote the Caliphate all the way!”

Just imagine if that had been tweeted out by a Muslim cleric here or in America.

Such an incitement to genocide would spark outrage. There might be calls for the arrest of the person responsible, and for their deportation, depending upon their immigration status.

Donald Trump would be all over Twitter baying for blood, talking about his travel ban, and attacking Muslims. The British tabloid press would be apoplectic and their favourite rent-a-gob MPs would be queuing up to vent their ire. Lots of ordinary Muslims, unfairly tarred with extremist brush amidst the furore, would be thinking, sigh, here we go again.

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