Social restaurant lets customers buy anonymous meals for hungry strangers

By Camille Dupire – Sep 30,2017 –  JORDAN TIMES


A girl is seen pinning a meal invitation voucher on the board at the entrance of the Ezwitti restaurant near downtown Amman (Photo courtesy of Ezwitti)

AMMAN — After he visited a coffee shop in Italy where customers could buy “pending coffees” for strangers who couldn’t afford it, Mahmoud Nabulsi decided to appply the formula to his own restaurant in Amman.

In 2015, he founded “Ezwitti”, based on the idea that people’s generosity can be expressed in “a million little ways”.

At this small restaurant near downtown Amman, these small acts of kindness are visible through hundreds of small “meal invitation” coupons pinned on a board at the entrance of the shop.

“Ezwitti is a social solidarity restaurant where buying your meal provides one for someone in need,” Nabulsi explained, noting that he came up with the idea after he saw a hungry homeless man while walking  downtown two years ago.

“I insist on having small donations by local individuals and not by companies or big global donors which could ‘hijack’ the idea. I want to keep this initiative local, without having to abide by an agenda,” Nabulsi told The Jordan Times over the phone.

Since the cost of a sandwich only covers the running costs of the restaurant, we do not make any profit out of the meal, he noted, saying that him and his team are “trying to end hunger in Amman and in other parts of Jordan as well”.

“It is our duty to care for people who need to eat and can not afford it,” the young man continued, noting that “some people try to secure their daily income, and it’s a struggle by itself.”


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