How ‘the invisible network’ poses a major security threat

Source: BBC News

    • 22 September 2017

Doctor looking after critically ill patientImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image captionIf a hacker managed to switch off a life-support machine, the results could be fatal

Imagine a hacker remotely turning off a life support machine in a hospital, or shutting down a power station. These are the nightmare scenarios we face because many organisations haven’t a clue how many unsecured devices are connected to their networks, cyber-security experts warn.

It was an ordinary day at a busy hospital – doctors, nurses and surgeons rushed about attending to the health of their patients.

For Hussein Syed, chief information security officer for the largest health provider in New Jersey, it was the health of his IT network that was keeping him busy.

And today, he was in for a surprise.

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