The disestablishment of the church is now necessary and inevitable

Source: The Guardian

By Giles Fraser

The Church of England is woefully unprepared for the ideological winter that is to come. For too long we have been made content by feeding off the crumbs left out for us by the establishment. We have become its pet. And it has made us lazy. Housetrained. Safe. The Bible uses a different image: if salt has lost its saltiness, what use is it?

This week, the National Centre for Social Research published data showing that just over half the UK population describe themselves as having no religion. And only 15% see themselves as being a part of the national church, the Church of England. Which is why the disestablishment of the church is now both necessary and ultimately unavoidable.

Make no mistake, disentangling the church from the state will make Brexit seem like child’s play. It is easy enough to unseat a few bishops from the House of Lords. But it would be three-dimension jelly chess to redesign the relationship between the monarch and the state without the Christian adhesive of the coronation. Good luck with rethinking the monarchy after that one. And while you are about it, don’t forget those two most terrifying words in the English language: President Blair.

I always used to think that no political party would be prepared to give disestablishment the time and effort that it would require. But Prime Minister Corbyn might just be the man to do it. And far from being a fusty move for constitutional committees, disestablishment could be framed as an attempt to rationally redesign a Britain fit for a global role beyond the EU. After all, who needs Christian morality in the age of human rights?

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  1. This article makes religion and Church of England sound like a game of chess where the right move determines your power, position on the board, untimely demise or ultimate win. With no connection to God or spirituality; prayers or compassion; worship or devotion. That’s not a religion, that’s politics!!!

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