Ignorant People Made Me Want To Wear Hijab

Source: Huffington Post

BY Kaya Gravitter,

 Contributor Kaya is an activist for change and speaking for the voiceless.

The way a woman dresses can express what she wants you to see or know of her. A hijab clearly expresses that a woman is Muslim. This is one of the reason that pushed me to wear the hijab without thinking. Though I believe the way a woman dresses is between her and God, alone. I always wanted to share the story of why I started wearing the hijab. Not that I don’t find my story particularly unique but I know many people can probably relate to it.


Going back to when I first converted, I tried wearing the hijab a week but I didn’t get treated well for it. Though I feel I didn’t know enough about it at the time to wear it, that is not the only reaason why I took it off the first time. My family in particular didn’t like me wearing the hijab at all. They also did not know at the time that I was a Muslim and they are/were not big fans of Muslims anyway.


They would say,

“Take that rag off your head. You are German, stop acting like a Muslim.”

Some Muslims who knew me before I converted would even say,

“Why would you wear the hijab? We already know what you look like without the hijab.” “It is not necessary to wear it.”

As if they thought I was wearing it to please them!

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