Confused by fasting?

Source: Daily Mail

Confused by fasting? You are not alone. Yet, the below guide takes you through the different diets available and how you could benefit from cutting calories. The health benefits of embracing, rather than fearing, hunger have been increasingly recognised and are challenging the traditional three-meal, two-snack mindset.Fasting, whether it’s for a few hours a day, several days, a week or a block of days every few months, is not just about weight loss but about helping to prevent major killer diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Fasting increases fat loss from around our middles, which has been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and Alzheimer’s. It has also been associated with improved blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, better gut health, lower cholesterol and better brain function Yet, fasting is not for everyone, and children and pregnant women should steer clear, as should those who suffer from adrenal fatigue or eating disorders. Those with medical issues should seek advice first. Here is Get The Gloss‘ guide to which fasting diet plan does what.

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