How faith led Hillary Clinton ‘out of the woods’

Source: CNN

By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor

(CNN)For 635 days, the Rev. Bill Shillady woke at 4 a.m. to send an email to Hillary Clinton. He began in April 2015, when Clinton announced her candidacy for president, and ended in December 2016, as she dealt with a devastating defeat.


A United Methodist minister, Shillady met Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, in 2002, when Shillady pastored a church in New York City. Over the years, a spiritual kinship formed between the pastor and politician, and as Clinton began her second run for the White House, Shillady offered to send her daily devotionals based on the day’s news.
Sometimes they were snippets of Scripture with encouraging mini-sermons. Other days’ devotions included poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning or insights from the late Catholic writer Henri Nouwen that sought to put political troubles into proper perspective. Eventually, Shillady recruited a team of writers, including dozens of women who formed a “We Pray with Her,” group.
Clinton mentioned the digital devotions several times during the campaign, saying they helped keep her “centered.” That was especially true, she told Shillady, in the days and weeks after the presidential election, while she reeled from her unexpected loss.

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