Front-Runner For U.S. Senate Seat In Alabama Calls Islam A ‘False Religion’

Source: Huffington Post

Roy Moore said Islam isn’t compatible with U.S. law. Now a Muslim group has invited him to visit a mosque.

A U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice told voters this week that Islam is a “false religion.”

Republican Roy Moore — the front-runner in Alabama’s Aug. 15 special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions’ appointment as U.S. attorney general — made the comment Monday during a meeting of the North Jefferson County Republican Club at Jim ’N Nick’s BBQ in Gardendale, Alabama.

Senate candidate Roy Moore told a Republican group in Alabama on Monday that Islam is a “false religion.”

“I’ve seen a lot in the news about Sharia law, and Muslims demanding break times to do their prayers and wanting to have their laws oversee our laws, and I just wonder how you plan to deal with that,” the woman said, repeating the debunked conspiracy theory that Sharia, or Islamic law, is a threat to the U.S. judicial system.


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2 replies

  1. I cant blame Roy Moore, because he sees Muslim kill other Muslim and kill children and innocent people. This is the true fact. The killer shout Allahu Akbar, or Allah is great.

    If Muslim follow the book of Hadis, Islam is false religion, because the book of Hadist command Muslim to kill Blasphemer, Gay Lesbian, infidel, and apostate. Hadis is not Allah’s law, it is not Islamic law, but men’s law.

    But if Muslim follow Al Quran, Allah’s law, I do not agree that Islam is false religion. Islam is the true religion from Allah.

    I ask Muslim Ahmadiyah.what is your thought?


  2. Al Quran is Holy, Allah’s words, promote peace, compassion, love, harmony, tolerance, forgiveness , respect different religion, do not judge others, justice for all people regardless his religion, race and gender and prosperity. Allah guarantee its purity of Al Quran, Q.77:(50)

    Conversely, the book of Hadith is the men’s word, create violence, division and poverty. Men can makes mistake.If there is one a false hadith, Muslim will go astray, go the wrong direction. But Allah never guarantee its purity of the book of Hadith.

    If Muslim Clerics or Scholars mix the source of Islamic teaching from Allah’s book and men’s book and then Islamic teaching become a false religion. and is not compatible with democratic system and U.S law for sure.

    What is Ahmadiyah Muslim’s thought?

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