USA: Florida Youth Pastor Busted with 350,000 images of minors

A Florida youth pastor is under arrest after hundreds of thousands of sexually explicit pictures and videos of young girls were found on his laptop.

36-year-old Chad Robison, youth pastor and music director of Seven River Presbyterian Church in Lecanto, Florida, is under arrest after a coworker planning on playing a practical joke on the child molesting youth pastor discovered the huge stash of child pornography on his laptop computer.

Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast said:

On his personal laptop we have more than 3,000 videos and 350,000 photographs that our detectives have combed thru…

We have videos of Robison having virtual sex with an underage female who is not local as well as trying to coerce young girls to show him their breasts…

The defendant was secretly video and recording females in his restroom at his home over the course of the time he gathered pictures and videos…

Fox 13 reports:

Investigators say many of those videos were recorded online webcam chats between Robison and underage girls, as young as 14, through the website It’s a cam-to-cam chat site with users all over the globe.

Fox 13 also notes:

Hours after being booked Thursday on several sex charges, Robison was released from jail on $26,000 bond. He didn’t respond to questions from reporters.

According to additional reports, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking to identify the myriad girls targeted and abused by Robison.

Robison has been fired from his position at the church.

Commenting on the case, Sheriff Prendergast observed:

I want to emphasize this is a textbook case of an online sexual predator.

Indeed, it is a textbook case, given the fact that the suspect is a youth pastor. In fact, the story of a youth pastor sexually abusing children is all too common. While Christians worry about where transgender individuals will urinate, their children are being raped at church.

As Dan Savage once observed:

If kids got raped at Denny’s as often as they get raped at church, every Denny’s in the U.S. would be burned to the ground.

And so it goes.

Bottom line: If you want to capture the people sexually abusing children, the first place to look is your local church.

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