Mosul and Aleppo : insider information from Dr. Juergen Todenhoefer

Dear friends, are you allowed to speak openly? The destruction of Mosul was also a terror. Over 20.000 civilians were killed by the west and his allies alone in Mosul. But only 2.000 terrorists. For every terrorist, 10 civilians. 10:1. That’s shame number 1.

SHAME NUMBER 2 is that, even in Mosul, the majority of terrorists could escape. Almost two-thirds of the original 5.000 is fighter Mosul have escaped the strategic stupidity of the us-LED 68 powers coalition. They’re killing elsewhere now. Together with around 7.000 terrorists who escaped from the other destroyed Sunni cities in Iraq. Of the original 15.000 ISIS terrorists in Iraq, 10.000. escaped.

The ” Islamic State ” has failed in Iraq as a ” State But as a terrorist organization, he continues to live. Worldwide. The pathetic knife attacks from the day before yesterday against two German women in Egypt are just a foretaste of what is going to happen. Over and over. The whole “Anti-War War” of the west is a bad flop, which will continue to fuel terrorism.

SHAME NUMBER 3 is that, unlike the bombing of Aleppo by the Russians, there has never been an outcry in the west because of the bombing of Mosul in the west. Although much more people died in Mosul than in Eastern Aleppo. But who is it surprising in a civilisation in which the “Battle for western values” is in fact a euphemism for the merciless enforcement of western interests? The millennia-old world city of Mosul died in the rubble of our big empty words.

You should send the entire german federal government, Merkel, Gabriel and co., for a day to West Mosul. So that you can see the human suffering that you have done together with your allies in the name of freedom and human rights.

They won’t do it as usual. Instead, these days, they again deliver weapons to the main terrorsponsor Saudi Arabia. You haven’t learned anything. They don’t want to learn. That’s shame number 4.

Your JT

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