At large Muslim American convention, a mix of frustration, hope

Source: Religion News Service

ROSEMONT, Ill. (RNS) It had been a difficult Ramadan for many Muslims, ending the week before the Islamic Society of North America Convention started.

  • In Portland, Ore., two men were killed and a third was injured when they were stabbed standing up to a man reportedly yelling anti-Muslim slurs on a train.
  • In London, a man rammed a van into a group of worshippers outside a mosque in London.
  • In suburban Washington, D.C., teenager Nabra Hassanen was beaten to death after attending late-night prayers.

And some provisions of President Trump’s travel ban, revived by the Supreme Court, had just taken effect the day before the convention began.

All were on the minds of organizers and Muslim leaders welcoming people to the 54th ISNA Convention, which runs through July 3.

“It left many feeling alone and saddened,” said Asra Ali, co-chair of the ISNA Convention Steering Committee. “More than any other year, I really hope this convention is one that especially brings us all together to feel that sense of unity and belonging.”

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