President Trump Just Tweeted a Video of Him Punching CNN in the Face

Source: CNN

President Donald Trump posted a video to Twitter on Sunday that depicts him punching a physical representation of CNN in the face, the latest escalation in his ongoing war against the news media and one that raised the specter of actual violence.

The video posted Sunday morning to Trump’s Twitter feed is of an actual 2007 staged spectacle in a wrestling arena, when Trump, then a reality TV star, brought WWE head Vince McMahon to the ground in their “battle of the billionaires.” But the video was edited with CNN’s logo imposed on McMahon’s face.

In the video, Trump spends about 10 seconds punching the opponent with the CNN logo before the now-President walks away, seemingly unscathed.

The video concludes with an image similar to CNN’s logo, but with the acronym FNN — representing “Fraud News Network,” Trump’s latest moniker for one of his most frequent media targets.

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