Tackling disinformation for Muslim unity

WITHOUT any verification, some foreign media flashed a report the other day that Pakistan is sending troops to Qatar in the wake of tension brewing amongst Gulf States. The foreign office was quick to reject the report as completely fabricated and baseless adding these false reports appear to be part of a malicious campaign aimed at creating misunderstanding between Pakistan and brotherly Muslim countries in the Gulf. In fact when tension amongst Muslim countries is involved, Pakistan always follows the policy based on neutrality, which indeed is in line with protecting our national interests. In the past also when relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran had gotten tense, Pakistan while remaining neutral had rather played the role of arbitrator with the aim to calm down the situation as well as avoid dents in the unity of Muslim Ummah. Current situation emerging in the Middle East following the row between Qatar and Gulf countries once again warrants that Pakistani leadership use its good relations with the Gulf countries and engage them in the dialogue process to remove any misunderstanding. Given the current challenges and conspiracies being hatched against the Muslims, it is vital that Islamic countries stay united to effectively confront them. As Pakistan enjoys excellent fraternal relations with both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the PM’s visit to the two countries could prove conducive in reducing current tension. Other influential Muslim countries such as Turkey should also play its part or an emergency meeting of the OIC may be convened to discuss the possible solution, as worsening of situation in Middle Eastern region will further complicate the matters. As far as the baseless report about Pakistan sending troops to Qatar is concerned, this should also be investigated so that such happenings could be averted in future, as we understand the disinformation was spread under some sort of agenda to further create a wedge amongst the Muslim countries. It is time that Islamic countries stand together to meet all challenges and dialogue is the best course to address misunderstandings.


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  1. Indeed now-a-days, in the age of instant communication, we know less than at any time before what is information and what is disinformation.

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