Ahmadiyya/Humanity First Croatia Delivers Ramadan Package to needy Families

By Zubair Khan

Families collecting the Ramadan Packages prepared by Ahmadiyya/humanity First Croatia

As done each year, during the month of Ramadan, Ahmadiyya/Humanity First Croatia delivered Ramadan Packages to 20 needy families. Each family got 2 x packets containing various items of daily use. Event was organized on 10.06.2017.

Mrs Nasiha Mulabegovic organizing the distribution of Ramadan Packages at Konzum Markt Entrance Hall way Zagreb

Mrs Nasiha Mulabegovic along with her son Ali Mirza Mulabegovic remained the prime force to organize the project.  In depth research made to select the families who were in real need of help. Biggest grocery supplier of Croatia Konzum Markt was selected as it supplied the items on most attractive terms. The items were packed for each family and placed at entrance hall way. All packets were pasted with Ahmadiyya/Humanity stickers. Humanity First Roll Up was on display whole time to mark the event. Needy families were extremely pleased and amused on this humanitarian project. All paid their deepest love and gratitude to Ahmadiyya/humanity First and to the organizers.

Mr Nadem Hadzibulic putting Ahmadiyya/Humanity First Stickers on Ramadan Packages.

Mr Nadem Hadzibulic not only helped but also captured the event with camera. Allah Almighty may accept this humble effort and bring its positive results for Ahmadiyyat in Croatia. Amin.

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