Trump’s first odyssey deepens fissures within Muslim world

Source: ET

US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, his first to any country since assumption of office, has aroused global interest and is of special significance for the Muslim world. The reason is during the presidential campaign he had made unkind remarks about Islam and was critical of certain Muslim states. It is not surprising that President Trump’s speech at the summit, interaction with Arab and Muslim leaders and his general conduct was under close scrutiny across the world. Then there were other critical issues, especially the sharp divide between Saudi Arabia and Iran, of serious concern to all right thinking Muslims.

President Trump’s speech was a departure from his past rhetoric. It was essentially balanced, more respectful of the sentiments of Muslim heads of state that were around. However, his comments about Iran were highly derogatory, played to the Saudi hosts, pleased Israel and reinforced the US’s anti-Iran policy. The Iranian regime was accused of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and spearheading its ideology.

To what extent the visit contributed towards building an aggressive opposition towards Iran will also be of considerable significance. There are indeed deep concerns that Saudi Arabia having formed an alliance of 29 exclusively Sunni states and having the full backing of the US is trying to create a front against Iran. So the question is: will President Trump’s visit act as a catalyst and widen the existing cleavage among the Muslim countries?





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  1. Analysis making is good exercise and it has been done nicely. But please keep in mind the ground realities are entirely different. Getting rid of US/West hegemony should have been the prime mission of Muslim countries which is totally absent from the current developing scenario.

    KSA inherits monarch and will do all to save it with the help of US. Current Egyptian and Jordanian leaders also there due to US consent. Merely out of respect and due to two holy sites each Muslim country sides emotionally with KSA. However when it comes to political and strategical interests each country should weigh its pros and cons.
    Unfortunately at this moment whole Muslim world is void of any visionary leader. Just imagine Pakistani leadership rented its ex army chief to lead an alliance which has to fight against Muslims. Uncle Sam aught to be happy to sell arms worth billion of dollars to get Muslims killed by Muslims.
    It looks the whole Muslim Um ah has again become infertile. That is why the US along with West is warming up to capture whole East once again. It is now just matter of time. The way Muslims are behaving and dancing to the tune of USA and West very soon the Um ah will lose its identity as a potent force.

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